Name labels in the washing machine

One of the questions we often get from our customers is: How do you wash clothes with name labels? Luckily, the answer is: Just like you normally would. Clothes with name labels can easily be washed in the washing machine. But it’s important that you attach the name labels correctly on the clothes before washing them.

  • Always attach the name label to a garment tag, such as “tag in the neck” or a care label.
  • Press the name label firmly.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing the garment after attaching the name label.
  • Wash brand new clothes before attaching the name label.
Navnelapper i vaskemaskinen

Why can’t you attach the name label directly to the clothes?

Sometimes we talk to customers who want to be able to attach the name labels directly to the fabric of the garment. They want the name label to be visible in the neck or on the edge of the pants, so they don’t have to look for it in, for example, the care instructions. The reason we don’t recommend attaching the name labels to the fabric is that clothes are often elastic. When a child pulls a sweater over their head, the fabric stretches and the name label falls off faster. Simply because the material it’s attached to moves. If you want the name to be more visible, you can use iron-on labels.

Hot cycle with name labels

If you have clothes that you often boil wash, the name labels will wear out faster. In underwear and socks that are hot cycled (or do not have a label to attach the name label to), we recommend using our iron-on labels. The iron-on labels are extremely durable, and if you have ironed them onto the clothes correctly, they are almost impossible to remove again. When placing iron-on labels in socks, it is advisable to place the label “upright” so that the label follows the ribbed knit. This reduces stretching of the iron-on label, which is difficult to avoid in socks.

strygemærker i strømper

Name labels in shoes

The name labels from Label Yourself are great to use in clothes because they are very soft. The name labels do not itch or poke when they are in children’s clothes. The downside of an unlaminated label is that the print and text can wear off over time. This applies, for example, to shoes or boots that get wet and sweaty. If the name label is attached inside the shoe, friction with feet and socks can also quickly wear on the text and print. Therefore, we would recommend complementing the name labels with our vinyl-laminated stickers. Vinyl lamination provides the stickers with fantastic durability. Stickers with vinyl lamination can withstand being washed in the dishwasher, but not in the washing machine.

Name on the lunch box

Many of our customers also use name labels on lunch boxes and water bottles. Therefore, the name labels must also withstand the many cycles in the dishwasher. We have tested our name labels on children’s lunch boxes, and the record among colleagues is the same name label on a lunch box for 5 years.

Although the name labels hold up very well on lunch boxes and water bottles, it cannot be avoided that the label fades over time. If you want to avoid this, you can choose laminated stickers for lunch boxes and water bottles. These are the same stickers that you can also use in shoes.

You are always welcome to contact our customer service if you are unsure about what suits your needs.

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