Name labels on footwear

If you have children, you are guaranteed to be familiar with standing in the daycare center facing a chaos of shoes and boots. All in size 25, covered in mud. If they had been clean, you might recognize the pair you’re looking for, but when the clock says “it’s time to go home,” it suddenly becomes a bit chaotic to be a parent in the locker room. Fortunately, you only need to find one pair of boots. Imagine how it is for the kindergarten teachers who have to help 25 children get dressed when the playground is calling. Luckily, it’s easy to help both yourself and the kindergarten teachers. The answer is name labels! Name labels are small, soft stickers that you attach to clothes and footwear.

Name labels do not have any lamination. This means that they fit well in clothes. However, in shoes, it may be advantageous to choose a laminated sticker. Our stickers with vinyl lamination are very durable, and I have personally tested some stickers that I had placed at the bottom of my shoes. You couldn’t tell from the sticker that I wore the shoes every day, and the adhesive did not come loose either.

How to attach name labels to footwear

Make sure the shoes are dry and clean before attaching the name labels to the footwear. When attaching name labels to footwear, it’s important to find a smooth surface that the name label adheres well to. Wool and coarse textiles can make it difficult to properly attach the name label. In the pictures below, you can see how I have placed name labels in different types of footwear. In the sandal, I have placed the name label at the bottom of the shoe. In the blue/yellow sneakers, I have placed the name label on the tongue of the shoe. In rubber boots, you can place the name labels both on the inside and the outside of the boot shaft.

When the name is on the outside of the rubber boot shaft, it is very easy for the child to recognize their rubber boots. The name label stays firmly attached to the smooth rubber surface, and the friction between the leg and the name label is reduced. In some shoes, there is a label, just like in clothes. You can also attach the name label there.

Help your child differentiate between left and right

If your child often puts the shoes on the wrong feet, you can easily help them get the shoes right.

Create a sticker with a figure. When you receive the sticker, cut the sticker in half. Place each half in the shoes so that the sticker becomes “whole” when the shoes are correct.

You can also order two stickers with a right and a left foot. Place the stickers in the shoes so that the child can look at their feet and more easily identify which shoe goes on which foot.

Remember to label slippers

It is easy for slippers to get lost in the daycare center. While younger children find it fun to take them off, older children may get warm and throw them somewhere random. With clear name labeling, it’s always easy to recognize the slippers and get them back on the feet. Below you can see a pair of slippers with iron-on labels. Name labels easily come off if you stick them on wool.

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