School Name Tags

Name tags are essential for your school child. Name tags help your child recognize their belongings. If something should go missing or get mixed up, it also makes it easy for others to find your child and return the lost item. We also recommend always including a phone number on the name tags. This allows for quick calls or text messages to inform you where the lost item can be retrieved.

Where can name tags be used?

In kindergarten, for example, it is necessary to have names on all of your child’s clothes. The clothes often get dirty after playing outside, going through mud puddles, or during diaper changes. For some children who have started school, it is no longer the clothes that are the most important to have names on. Instead, it is all the “loose” items that they suddenly have to learn to keep track of themselves. Many children also have to bring their own belongings from school to after-school care.

Even though it may no longer be as relevant to have names on all clothes, it is still advisable to use name tags on clothes that are frequently taken on and off. This can include sweaters, hats, caps, mittens, shoes, boots, rain boots, jackets, rain gear, and ski clothes. All of these items can easily get mixed up in the locker room. When the outerwear has name tags, it becomes easier for the child to find their own things, and it also helps prevent other children from accidentally taking items that are not theirs.

Easy to Use

Many families prefer the name tags from Label Yourself because they are so easy to use. The name tags can be used on much more than just clothes. The smart self-adhesive name tags can withstand a trip through the dishwasher without any issues. Therefore, they are also ideal for use on water bottles and lunch boxes. In some schools, the children store their packed lunches in a refrigerator when they gather in the morning. During lunchtime, it will be much easier for both children and teachers to distribute the lunches if the names are clearly written on the lunch box and water bottle.

We also know that many of our customers appreciate using the name tags on school backpacks, textbooks, and especially the contents of their pencil cases. Many children prefer quality markers when they draw. So if the colors keep disappearing, it can quickly become expensive to keep the pencil case full.

Remember names on gym clothes

When the child starts school, physical education is one of the subjects. The gym bag and its contents have the potential to get lost or go missing. For many children, it is completely new to have to keep track of changing clothes, towels, and changing shoes and socks. At the same time, it can be a bit overwhelming to have to shower and change while talking and socializing with all their friends. Therefore, always make sure to help the child by attaching name tags to their gym clothes. And don’t forget to put a name on the outside of the bag.

Put name tags on everything that can go missing

Use name tags on all of your child’s belongings. One name tag costs less than 0.14 GPR – a simple and inexpensive way to protect against lost items. A new winter jacket or school backpack can quickly become expensive – it is a shame to have to buy new ones just because you wanted to save on name tags.

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