Why you should use name labels in clothes

Here are our best tips for using name labels in clothes. Name labels from Label Yourself are small stickers designed to be attached to clothes. This means that the name labels can be washed in the washing machine.

You can order name labels from Label Yourself. Here, you write the text that should be on your name labels. You will receive the name labels in your mailbox within 2-4 business days.

Attach the name labels to the clothes

If the clothes are brand new, it is advantageous to wash them before attaching the name labels. This will wash out any chemical residues (and bacteria) from the clothes. This is good for the person who will wear the clothes and makes it easier for the name label to attach.

We always recommend attaching the name labels to a care label or other label inside the garment. If you attach the name label to the garment, it can easily fall off because the garment stretches when worn.

In the video below, you can see how easy it is to attach the name labels to the clothes.

Take the name label off the sheet. Avoid touching the adhesive as much as possible. Now attach the name label and run your finger over the name label while lightly pressing. Voila, now there’s a name in the clothes for you or your child. After 24 hours, you can wash the clothes in the washing machine as usual. When we recommend waiting to wash the clothes for 24 hours, it’s because the adhesive on the name label needs time to cure.

Can I use name labels in all types of clothes?

YES, in principle you can use name labels in all types of clothes. But as we mentioned above, we always recommend attaching the name labels to the clothing labels in your clothes.

Not all clothes have labels. Perhaps the care labels in the clothes have been cut out? For example, if the clothes are inherited or bought second-hand. Homemade clothes and knitted items also do not always have labels that you can attach a name label to. The same goes for socks and underwear.

Do you have clothes that you often wash at high temperatures? The name label will wear out more quickly on boil wash compared to clothes that are only washed at 30/40 degrees. If there are specific types of clothing that you boil wash, you can choose from some of our other name labels. If the clothes do not have labels or if you want to boil wash them, you can use an iron-on label.

Name labels in clothes = savings in the budget

When you attach name labels to your clothes, it’s a bit like insurance. If your child forgets or mixes up their clothes, it’s easy to return the clothes to you. Then you don’t need to buy new ones. In daycare centers and schools, you are helping the adults by putting your child’s name on their clothes. When the adults can easily read who owns the clothes, they can put them in the child’s “place” instead of putting them in the lost and found or giving them to another child.

As a supplement to name labels, you can use vinyl stickers to label toys and shoes.

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