School Start Checklist

School start is just around the corner. For some, it’s the first time they’ll step over the school threshold. Regardless, there’s always something special about starting school after the holidays: a new grade level and maybe new classmates, new subjects, new teachers, a different classroom, and different books than last year. In this blog post, we’ve created a checklist that you can use as a starting point for school start. Use the tips that apply to your family and skip the rest. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

  1. Check the school’s website or another platform you have access to: Here you will find information about the start date, timetable, etc.
  2. Purchase school supplies: Make a list of the necessary school materials your child needs, such as pencils, folders, pencil cases, markers, rulers, notebooks, or a PC. Maybe your child is old enough to have a homework book or calendar? It’s a good idea to have most things purchased before school starts.
  3. Organize the school backpack: Check your child’s school backpack to ensure it’s in good condition and ready for use. Organize the compartments together with your child so they can easily find and store their belongings.
  4. Transportation planning: If your child needs to use public transportation, cycle, or walk to school, it may be wise to practice the route before school starts. Maybe you need to renew bus or train passes? Also, check if the departure times for public transportation have changed.
  5. School calendar: Write down holidays, days off, tests, class events, and other things in the family calendar already. Could it be that the school has days off when you have to work?
  6. Packed lunch: Do you need a new lunchbox, water bottle, or anything else for the packed lunch? You can also bake sausage rolls, healthy waffles, pancakes, rolls, and pizza rolls to have in the freezer for the autumn packed lunches.
  7. Stickers: Order name labels and stickers well in advance so they’re ready for school start. Remember to put names on clothes, pencil cases, and books. Also, label the bike, bike helmet, school backpack, gym clothes, etc.

Other things you can consider before school starts

Adjustment of sleep schedule: After a holiday, it can be difficult to get up early again. Start gradually adjusting bedtime to get used to waking up earlier. It’s good to be rested for school start.

Arrange playdates: Consider whether it would be nice for your child to have playdates before school starts again. It can be good to see friends a few times before school starts.

Mental preparation: Help your child mentally prepare for school start. Talk positively about starting school and all the new things that will happen. Talk to your child if they express any concerns about starting school. It’s completely normal to be excited and a bit nervous, but your child shouldn’t have a stomachache.

Remember that this checklist is a general checklist. You can customize it according to your own needs and the specific requirements of your school. Good luck with school start!

If there’s anything you think we’ve forgotten, please write to us in the comments section so we can add it to the list!

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