Gift wrapping

For many, wrapping gifts beautifully and paying attention to details is a big part of the preparations for Christmas Eve. If you need new inspiration for gift wrapping, you can find it here in this blog post. You are also welcome to share your own ideas with us in the comments below or send us pictures via email at

Reuse cardboard boxes

If you remember to save cardboard boxes (especially the plain brown and white ones without much print), you can reuse them to wrap your Christmas gifts. Remove any remnants of tape and other shipping labels as gently as possible. To save on gift wrap, you can decorate the boxes by painting on them or drawing small holiday figures. It is also a fun activity that you can do together with children, grandchildren, nephews, or nieces. It may not be the most beautiful Christmas present of the year, but it will definitely be personal and filled with love. At the same time, you can teach your children about reusing.

Pine branches and cones on the packages

No Christmas without pine branches. There’s no reason why pine branches can only be used to decorate the wreath. You can also use pine branches to decorate your Christmas gifts. When you trim the lower branches of the Christmas tree, save some sprigs that you can use to decorate your presents. You can, of course, use other green branches as well.

Design your own stickers

Another “trick” to make your gifts personal is to design your own stickers that you can put on all the gifts. Below you can see two examples that we have designed on our website. The sticker on the left was designed on the page, where there are many nice templates to choose from. Choose the template and write your desired text. You can also change the font color if you want or add a figure. The sticker on the right was designed using what we call the advanced designer on Here you can change the font size, add text in different sizes, and choose your own colors based on a hex code.

If you order stickers similar to the ones above, feel free to use them on all your gifts. It adds a nice personal touch that your recipients will surely be impressed by.

You can also make stickers with stamps to make it look like the gifts were sent from Greenland or the North Pole. Depending on where you (or your children) believe Santa Claus comes from.

Use fabric to wrap gifts

There’s no rule saying that gifts have to be wrapped in paper. Take a trip to a thrift store and find old scarves or other fabrics that you can “sew up” into wrapping paper. Duvet covers or tablecloths with beautiful patterns can become great “wrapping paper” that you can use again and again.

The finishing touch on the Christmas bouquet

If you want to give the hostess a Christmas bouquet, you can also put a cute sticker on the flower bouquet instead of writing a card. You can order stickers with your own text, so you always have stickers on hand for flower bouquets and plants.

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