Storage in Children’s Rooms

A well-organized children’s room can help both parents and children keep things tidy. Here is some inspiration for storage in children’s rooms.

Storage of Clothes in Children’s Rooms

  • Make sure you have enough space in drawers and closets. It can easily become messy if the drawers are full, and it invites the child to empty the drawer to find what they’re looking for. Remove some of the clothes if there’s too much.
  • Have small boxes for socks, underwear, undershirts, tights, etc. Divide a large drawer into smaller compartments instead of having everything mixed in a large drawer. Remember iron-on labels for underwear and socks.
  • If you need names, sizes, or washing instructions on any of the clothes, you can find a large selection of labels at Label Yourself.
  • Put labels on the boxes with icons illustrating their contents. When it’s clear what should be in each box, it’s much easier to tidy up.

Storage of Toys in Children’s Rooms

Store your child’s toys in boxes or drawers that are easy to find and put back in place when playtime is over. If your child can’t read, you can make stickers with pictures of their toys to put on the boxes. At Label Yourself, it’s easy to upload a picture and after a few days, you’ll have the stickers in your mailbox.

Storage of Books in Children’s Rooms

At our house, children’s books are the most frequently read. Every evening, 4-5 books are brought out before bedtime, and then it’s decided which ones will be read today. The classic solution with a bookshelf doesn’t work for us. It quickly becomes messy and chaotic if the children’s books were to be on the same shelf as the adult books. But having the books in boxes works very well. It’s easy to browse through the books this way. The books are also often taken on trips. That’s why we have name labels in the books. It’s always easy to see which books we need to bring back home.

Markers, Crayons, Pencils, Scissors, Beads, and Glue

Do you have a child who loves to draw and paint, make beads, and be creative in general? A creative project can easily get out of control and become messy. That’s why our best advice is to help your child tidy up along the way. Large glass jars with labels for markers, crayons, brushes, etc., make it easy to put the tools back after use. When it’s tidied up continuously, it’s also more fun to find creative projects next time. You can put bottle labels on the jars, so you never doubt what to put in each container.

Children’s Artwork and Collectibles

Some children come home daily with artworks in the form of drawings, clay figures, or carved wooden figures. Others collect stones, pinecones, or seashells. If you have a child with a collecting tendency, you can create a shelf in the children’s room to display those items. Agree with your child that when the shelf is full, it needs to be sorted before there’s room for anything new.

If your child wants to give their creations to grandparents and friends, you can make your own to-and-from labels. Then you always have a nice sticker for wrapping.

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