Hallway Storage

Need new ideas for hallway storage? We have gathered a range of tips that you can use right away!

Label the drawers

The things you store in the hallway should have a designated place. For example, give each family member their own drawer for hats, gloves, and scarves. Or maybe it makes more sense to have one drawer for scarves, one for gloves, and one for hats? Regardless of your choice, it is important to clearly label the contents. With labels on each drawer/box, it’s easy to see what should be in each drawer. If you have children who can’t read, you can use icons on the labels instead.

Use labels for more than just clothes

With labels in your children’s clothes, it becomes even easier for the whole family to organize the hallway. Label gloves, hats, rain gear, bike helmets, and footwear with names. You can use labels that can be easily adhered to clothes. Alternatively, you can use iron-on labels. You can also use the labels you already have to put on drawers, hooks, and boxes, to show who a particular box or drawer belongs to.

Create easily understandable systems

Keys, wallets, bike lights, spare change, and shopping bags can easily become scattered around. Use an empty jam jar for spare change, and create a bottle label to put on the jar. For example, write “spare change becomes a lot of money” or whatever suits your family. Maybe the spare change can be saved for an outing?

Find some nice boxes to have on a shelf for loose items, but remember to label them so everyone knows what should be in each box.

If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you can sew small baskets out of heavy fabric for storage. The advantage of a fabric basket is that it won’t break even if it falls on the floor. Plastic boxes can easily have a corner knocked off or develop a crack, especially if they land on a hard tiled floor in the hallway. When sewing the boxes, you can attach labels.

What should be stored in the hallway?

If you have a large hallway with plenty of storage space, it’s also a sensible place to store other items that the whole family needs access to.

If you want to make room for school bags and gym bags, consider having hooks or shelves to hang them on so they don’t end up on the floor.

You can also store gift wrap on the back of a cupboard door. Make sure to store tape, ribbons, and gift wrap stickers along with the wrapping paper. You can also create your own “to/from” labels. It’s always nice to receive gifts, but even more so when you can see that some effort has been put into the wrapping.

If your hallway is the first place your guests enter, consider how you can make it cozy and inviting. For special occasions, you can easily upgrade chocolate boxes with festive stickers that can be placed in a bowl in the hallway.

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