Creative packaging makes the gift special

When we give gifts to friends and family, it’s a way to show love, gratitude, and care for our loved ones. By adding a creative twist to gift packaging, we can make the gift truly special.

  1. Natural materials: Use natural materials like dried flowers, pinecones, leaves, or feathers to decorate the gifts. Dried flowers come in countless colors and can match almost any occasion. Wrap the gift in, for example, kraft paper and tie a jute ribbon or earth-colored ribbon around it. Use pinecones, branches, or pieces of bark to create a small decoration that can be tied around the gift. You can also attach a branch with dried berries or seeds, which both looks beautiful and gives a rustic feeling.
  2. Reuse joy: Why not reuse materials you already have at home? Use old newspapers, magazines, or fabric pieces to wrap the gift. Add colorful ribbons, beads, or other elements to make it more interesting.
  3. Reusable gift wrapping is both sustainable and unique! Save fabric ribbons when you receive gifts yourself, so you can use the ribbons again. When using reusable materials for packaging, you can advantageously create personal stickers for wrapping that you can put on your packages. You design your stickers on our website.
  4. Box in box in box: Do you want to give the recipient a little surprise before opening the gift? If the recipient has wished for something specific, it can be easy to guess what’s in the package. Try hiding the gift in a larger box or a series of smaller boxes. Use different wrapping paper for each box. It becomes a fun experience for the recipient when they unwrap the gift – and especially for others watching when the confusion increases. You can also add (funny) notes between the layers.
  5. Paint and draw yourself: If you love to draw and paint, you can create your own gift wrapping by painting or drawing on the wrapping paper. Use colors to create unique patterns or flowers, or make small drawings that match the recipient’s interests.
  6. Theme that matches the gift: Give your gifts a thematic twist by choosing a specific style or color theme for the gift packaging. You can create a maritime theme with navy blue wrapping paper, sailboat decorations, and a thin rope as a ribbon, or alternatively a white ribbon. It’s nice if the theme of the gift packaging matches the content of the gift. Create your own stickers that match the theme and put them on the packaging.
  7. Make your own “To and From” cards for flower bouquets: If you love giving flower bouquets, you can make your own stickers for flower bouquets. Wrap the flowers in kraft paper or newspaper and put the stickers on them.

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be boring! By adding a creative twist, you can make your gifts even more personal. Use these ideas as inspiration to create amazing gift packaging that will impress friends and family. Remember, it’s the thought and care that counts. So let your creativity flow and make gift packaging part of the gift experience!

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