Design name bands for labeling and creative projects

Name Bands are a very popular product used as name tags, labels, or as a “Made by” label on creative projects. Design name bands in different sizes and find an expression that suits your taste.

When ordering name bands, you have several options to customize the woven ribbon to your preferences so that you get a completely unique name band or label.

Choice of type

First, you need to choose the type. Here you can choose a traditional rectangular band in either 10 or 14 mm width. Alternatively, you can choose a band in 25 mm width. If you are using a traditional name tag, it is obvious to choose 10 or 14 mm. When you choose 10 and 14 mm, you can choose from different designs with text on 1, 2, or 3 lines in different fonts. You also have the option to add a figure. For example, choose between a soccer ball, heart, sewing machine, and many other nice figures for the name tag.

The 25 mm bands are perfect as labels to sew on smaller collections or the clothes you sew or knit for your family. The wider bands can of course also be used as name labels. When you choose name bands in 25 mm, you have many options to choose from different templates so that your label can be center folded or end-folded. You can also choose to upload your own logo. Many customers choose to make “Made by” labels using the 25 mm bands because it is a cheaper solution.

When you choose bands in 25 mm, you also have the option to choose additional washing symbols.

Write an optional text

When designing your name tags or labels, you need to write a text.

If your name bands are to be used as name tags, it is a good idea to consider which information is relevant. It may not be necessary to write all the names of your child. Perhaps it would be enough to only write an initial instead of the full last name. Often it will be more relevant to include a phone number on your label, so it is easy for a possible finder to contact you. A shorter label is usually easier to sew neatly on clothes compared to a long label.

You can write long texts on 10 and 14 mm, but the price will increase after the first 20 characters. On 25 mm, there will be limitations on the number of characters depending on the design and font.

On labels for use in creative projects, you can, for example, write “Made by [your name]”, “Made by grandma”, “This took forever”, “Designed by [name]”, “Sewn by [name]”. You can also use a nickname, Instagram name, and much more. Only your imagination sets the limits. If you are only going to use a single label, you can find a large number of “Made by labels” in stock with short delivery time.

Upload a logo

Design name bands with a logo. When you upload a logo, you need to be very attentive that we can only weave simple logos on this type of label. If you have a logo with many details, we recommend you have a look at woven labels. When you upload your logo on the website, you will get a preview of your label.

In the example, we have uploaded our own logo. Here you can see how some elements of the logo appear unclear and will be difficult to see on the woven label.

Choice of colors

When designing labels, you can use many different color combinations. You must always choose two colors: one color for the text and one background color. When choosing a color combination, remember that the greater contrast there is between the background and text colors, the easier it will be to read the text. If you choose two colors that are similar, it can be difficult to read what is written there. However, it can also create a really great band with a different expression if the colors are similar.

When choosing a white background color, you will often find that it does not appear pure white when you receive the finished band. This is because you can often see the color of the text behind the white because the yarn is placed behind it. The color selection covers a wide range of standard colors, such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, and black, as well as sand color, gold, silver, neon colors, and pastel colors.

You can also choose an assorted pack when ordering 10 or 14 mm labels. Then you will get 5 different colors with 10 mm and 7 different color combinations with 14 mm. You can choose between 2 different packs. Choose “background color” to select the assorted packs. The nice assorted packs are great when you want to use the labels as name tags and want a name tag that matches clothes in different colors.

Facts about name bands

  • You can also choose iron-backing for the name bands in 10 and 14 mm.
  • You get volume discount when ordering more name bands. You can order from 100 pcs. The reason you can’t order fewer is that it takes time to create a new design on the band. Therefore, the price per piece decreases the more you order.
  • Because it is a custom-made product and not an item we have in stock, you should expect a delivery time of approximately 5-10 working days.
  • The yarn we weave your name bands in is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. This certification ensures that the name band does not contain harmful substances, so you can safely put the name band on your children’s clothes.
  • If you are looking for name tapes with velcro, have a look at our name tapes.
  • You have to cut the bands yourself. When you receive your name bands, they come in long bands – regardless of which width you have chosen. There are small lines woven in to indicate where to cut so that all name bands become the same width.

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