Recycled PET: Sustainable key lanyards and bracelets made from plastic bottles

Sustainable key lanyards and sustainable bracelets made from recycled plastic bottles (recycled PET) are fortunately becoming more and more popular among customers at Ikast Etikett.

“We have high quality on all our sustainable products. Customers receive a very nice product, whether they choose materials made from recycled bottles, bamboo, or organic cotton, which also sends an important signal that the business has chosen a product that saves the Earth’s resources. At the same time, we get to reuse plastic bottles, of which there is plenty,” says Vera Bjørt from Ikast Etikett.

Just like all our other key lanyards and festival bracelets, customers can customize the design of the eco-friendly key lanyards. The design is printed on the sustainable lanyards and bracelets, giving customers the opportunity to have a detailed design on their bands.

Our recycled PET is soft and of high quality, making it comfortable to wear around the neck or wrist.

Many customers also choose to add a “recycled logo” to the bracelet and key lanyard to emphasize to customers and users that they have made a conscious choice and chosen a product in recycled PET.

Closures and security

Just like with the design, as a customer, you also have the option to choose different closures. One option is closures made from bamboo. The bamboo closure is made from 50% less plastic than our standard closures.

The bracelets are of course of the same high quality as our standard bracelets, so guests must cut off the bracelet to remove it.

What is recycled PET?

The actual band on the sustainable key lanyards and bracelets is made from recycled PET (polyethylene). Simply put, it is a textile made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Other sustainable solutions

If you are looking for other sustainable solutions for your business, take a look at our key lanyards made from bamboo, cotton, or cork. The bracelets are also available in a variety of sustainable options. You can see the full range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products here at Ikast Etikett. If you have any requests or other inquiries, you can contact us by email or phone: 020 3455 8270.

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